become a model



- You should never pay to create your photographic material in your own agency.
- You should never pay to attend a casting or to sign with agencies.
- You should never share nude or lingerie photos.

Use a white wall background. Send photos with a clean face, natural makeup or preferably no makeup.

Wear non-patterned attire. Long skinny jeans and tight basic t-shirt. We need to see your body shape.

In the video casting presentation you should unwrap yourself willingly, performing a couple of poses if you are up for it. In addition to showing your hands, doing a full turn and finally smiling at the camera.

IMPORTANT: Send a We Transfer with individual photos in addition to the ones on the form via e-mail to:

In Lower Case
Numbers and Letter
No Makeup or Natural Makeup
Basic and preferably adjusted clothing.
Hight quality is required.
Presentation + Hobbies + Hands + Full Turn + Poses and Smile.
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* Required data